K+K Klaas & Kock relies on solutions from the proLogistik Group

Processes in the area of intralogistics are being aligned more efficiently and made even more flexible in order to be optimally equipped to respond to current and future challenges in a demanding market segment.

Sector: Food retail (LEH)

About K+K Klaas & Kock B.V. & Co.

  • Founded in 1950
  • Head office Gronau (NRW)
  • 7,000 employees
  • Operates 215 supermarkets
  • 120 vehicles in the fleet
  • Total articles approx. 18,000

A good 7,000 employees at K+K ensure that customers can rely on the promise of quality and freshness. The range of standard products is constantly supplemented by trend and seasonal products. In addition, meat and sausage specialties under the “drilander” brand are produced in the in-house butcher’s shop. K+K has also made a name for itself as one of the largest reusable drinks suppliers in North Rhine-Westphalia. The selection currently comprises around 18,000 different items, which are delivered to the sales outlets via the fleet of around 120 vehicles.

K+K is using the potential of digitalization to keep pace with its ongoing expansion and to make the company more flexible and efficient.

Advantages of the proLogistik Group software

All central applications for food retail are already stored in the WMS pL-Store® Foodline as standard. The following points are among the highlights:


  • Online inventory management
  • Parallel picking options
  • MHD processing with monitoring of remaining shelf life
  • Space management including optimization process
  • Customer-specific labeling of goods

“The decision in favor of proLogistik was also supported by the fact that the intralogistics system house was able to supply the necessary hardware from a single source and we didn’t have to look for another provider.”

Rob Verbunt, Project Manager K + K
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