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Dataphone, as the Swiss market leader in innovative and smart warehouse hardware, has developed over

38 years of experience in consulting, commissioning and sales of barcode scanners and other mobile terminals.

We are familiar with all industries and know how to optimize your company’s warehouse processes with minimal effort.

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How do we proceed? Before we start optimizing your intralogistics, we work with you to develop a project plan tailored to your needs. For example, we analyze your processes, incoming goods, outgoing goods, which tools are already in use and many other details. In the end, you have a robust, portable and cordless barcode scanner for your company and modernize your warehouse in the best possible way.

Digitize your warehouse in no time at all with our barcode scanners

Choose between barcode scanners from Zebra, ProGlove, FEIG or scan sleeves from Linea Pro.

Every brand and every device has special features. That’s why professional advice and a testing phase are essential to ensure that you buy the right barcode scanner for your company and your employees.

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With a barcode scanner:

  • drastically reduces the error rate,
  • the work processes are much more efficient,
  • workflows are optimized and
  • productivity increases.

You can also buy second-hand barcode scanners from Dataphone

Sustainability is important to us!

We repair defective hardware or dispose of the devices professionally. (Recycling)

We also work with companies that have high ecological standards in the production and processing of their products.

Benefit today and invest in the right product for you. Our warehouse hardware experts will be happy to advise you.

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