Barcode scanner – The fastest way to track processes in the warehouse

Barcode scanners or also called barcode scanners – Are the fastest way to track the processes in the warehouse.

How does a barcode scanner work?

A barcode scanner is a data acquisition device that can read and pass various barcodes. These bar codes are recognized purely optically with either red or infrared light. Each bar code reader consists of the actual reading unit and the downstream decoding unit.

How can I reduce costs in the warehouse?

With a barcode scanner, you can reduce costs in your warehouse. How? With low investment costs and high return on investment due to the excellent cost-benefit ratio between hardware and multifunctional barcode scanners.

Plus, with a barcode scanner, you can increase efficiency through the Internet of Things: automated data communication through barcode scanners, RFID and NFC tags, and other sensors.

A barcode scanner is easy to use

The scanners are user-friendly and have an easy handling. This means that no training is required. Your employees can get started right after installing the devices.

Which barcode scanner for my business?

Dataphone offers various solutions for barcode scanning: Whether industrial, Bluetooth, long-range, ring scanner with 1D or 2D imager, laser or Linea Pro scanning envelope – we help you find your perfect barcode scanner – with or without software.

Dataphone is an authorized Zebra dealer, ProGlove dealer, and FEIG dealer. We can give you tips and tricks and advise you on the selection of your device. We have many years of experience in hardware consulting and will advise you free of charge.

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