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Software for shipment recording in logistics

active weborder – the web-based order entry system

For efficient handling of the order process:

For modern freight forwarding service providers, efficient data communication is a matter of course. This is because, especially in the area of order processing, there are enormous opportunities to optimize the workflow.
Because your technical personnel no longer have to deal with manual data entry processes, you increase efficiency and save a lot of time that can be invested elsewhere. In addition, web-based order entry allows you to better integrate customers into the data flow.

Another advantage: With the help of active weborder, both shipping and procurement orders can be entered directly by customers and transmitted to the responsible carrier. This way, gaps in EDI coverage of the supply chain are closed, costs are reduced and data quality is improved.

Übersicht einer der Funktionen der Software

The complete profile of active weborder

Best equipped
  • Service-oriented, modern web portal
  • Suitable for any business model
  • Seamless connection of customers and shippers where direct EDI integration is uneconomical
  • Customizable UI for easy integration into your corporate website without visual breaks
  • Touch-ready and fully responsive: for easy operation even without mouse and keyboard on the mobile device
  • Easy connection to your existing transport management system
  • Ideal for connecting customers with low bandwidths due to lowest possible transmission volume
  • No installation – all services and functions are available to you and your customer in the cloud at any time
  • Hosting in our data centers
  • Numerous transfer formats are supported, e.g. FORTRAS, EDIFACT, SAP-IDoc, industry-specific formats such as VDA, Fixed Record, Separated Values, XML as well as individual data formats

Features and benefits:

  • Increase efficiency and save time by eliminating manual data entry by your own skilled personnel
  • Easy integration into existing system landscapes
  • Minimal training required due to intuitive and modern user interface
  • Support of all standard forwarding data formats
  • A database that can be accessed in real time by everyone involved in your process
  • You determine which data and selections your customers get to see
  • Templates make capturing shipments even faster
  • Reduced administrative effort: administration of master data by your customer himself
  • Accelerated process: your customer can generate barcodes, create papers and print loading lists themselves
  • Extensive legally compliant dangerous goods recording
  • Transparent order organization incl. Statistics

Tracking functions of active weborder

Exactly according to your requirements
External tracking system
  • Basic version included
  • Linking to external track tracking system from the application
  • Easy access to receipts
Integrated order tracking
  • Optional feature
  • Easy tracking of an order without
    Media break
  • For all orders entered in active weborder
Transport tracking
  • Optional feature – highest expansion level
  • Importing all broadcasts in their own menu
  • All orders entered in active weborder and in the third-party system
Effizientere Prozesse mit proLogistic

The transport tracking

A very special feature

Whether as a standalone module that focuses on your operating environment or business relationship, or together with your order entry: With transport tracking, you have everything in view and under control at all times.

  • Status display and history
    Shipment history as well as individual display of scan or shipment status
  • Delivery receipt
    Retrieval or storage of delivery documents (POD)
  • Service and contacts
    Deposit of service contacts
  • Comprehensive search options
    Extensive query parameters for your shipments
  • Standalone module
    Can be used as a standalone module without order entry

The service and contact functions in active weborder

How easy it is to stay in touch

Short distances – even when it comes to contacting customers. With active weborder, depending on the order process, you can configure a customer-specific contact person for service questions, also as a foreign language contact if required.

  • Customizable contacts
    Service contact controllable directly from the application per customer
  • Order related inquiries
    Entry of requests directly at the order or transport
  • Direct access
    All necessary information about the incident directly accessible
  • Easy connection
    Easy connection to existing service desk systems via e-mail output

Proactive event management with active weborder

Extensive rule editor

Do you want to send event-driven information from shipment or order data? Thanks to an extensive rule editor, active weborder can also reliably support you here.

Respond to events directly from the system

Real time processing

Connection via e-mail, SMS and webhook (HTTP request)

Extensive control and management

Your personal contact persons

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