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Dataphone develops innovative, standardized and flexible warehouse management software as well as hardware solutions for warehouse logistics, retail, transport, industry and production. Dataphone has been part of the proLogistik Group since June 2021.

Our supply chain solutions help you to optimize your processes and thus achieve decisive competitive advantages. For an optimal overview we offer you all products and services bundled. Dataphone continues to serve you in Switzerland, Germany, USA, Canada and Mexico.

Within the proLogistik Group, we bundle the competencies of more than 600 employees in the areas of warehousing, transportation, hardware and consulting. Today, many satisfied customers from the wholesale and retail sectors are already benefiting from end-to-end optimized supply chain solutions. We support both small and large companies in their digital transformation with precisely tailored software and hardware solutions.

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, we are always available to help. Contact us using the contact details.

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Contacts of the Dataphone locations


Dataphone AG
Schaffhauserstrasse 611
CH-8052 Zurich, Switzerland
+41 44 200 40 00


Dataphone Deutschland GmbH
Fallgatter 1
DE-44369 Dortmund, Germany
+49 231 7757976-700


820 Fessler’s Parkway, Suite 210
US-Nashville, TN 37210, United States
+1 615 891 1138


Dataphone LLC. Canada
508 Gordon Baker Rd, Hillcrest Village,
Toronto, M2H, ON, Canada
+1 416 499 9300

Mexico City

Dataphone Logistics America
Av. Gustavo Baz 166-310C, Col. La Escuela, 54090,
166-310C Tlalnepantla, México
+52 5541332908

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