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For more than 30 years, we have been offering a wide product range in the area of intralogistics. We supply software and hardware from a single source with a focus on our customers' needs. Our core competence is in planning and implementation of professional warehouse management. We use logistics know-how and seamless service to optimise your processes and increase your efficiency.


We at proLogistik offer warehouse management software for intralogistics according to a modular principle. No matter if you desire comprehensive individual warehouse management or a standardised industry package - we understand your needs! We supply a modular package customised to your individual requirements with our warehouse management software pL-Store® . Choose the matching modules specifically for your application. For some industries, we offer special standardised solutions that have developed from decades of cooperation with customers. We offer pL-Store® Foodline for the food industry, and pL-Store® Techline for the building materials, sanitary and technical wholesale industries as specific industry solutions. We additionally offer software modules for the expansion of an existing warehouse management.

Warehouse Management System pL-Store



Cost reduction from fewer deficiencies

Time savings from optimised warehouse processes

Improved stock reliability with better scheduling options

Reduced overstock of individual items

Efficiency increase by anticipatory warehouse planning

Productivity increase by paperless picking

Better transparency of the warehouse activities

Quality assurance by seamless documentation

Optimal personnel planning by improved warehouse utilisation


Warehouse Management Software FAQ

The most important questions and answers on warehouse management software.

What tasks can warehouse management software meet?

In many warehouses still perform picking based on paper pick slips. Increasing complexity of the warehouse processes, however, renders use of warehouse management software indispensable. A warehouse management system is an inventory-managed system that manages the different stocks and their storage locations. Warehouse management software therefore maps all goods movements in the company and ensures a good overview of all stored items. A good overview is vital, since the warehouse clerks usually need to be able to react to all processes in the warehouse quickly and effectively. This is where warehouse management software comes in: generating tasks from the system and distributing them to the warehouse employees in a structured manner via an MDE device, an industrial PC, or via Pick‑by‑Voice. These systematic processes make your warehouse management transparent and efficient.

Which companies benefit from warehouse management software?

A warehouse management system will benefit any company that has a warehouse and wishes to monitor and optimise its logistics processes. A warehouse management program enables small, medium‑sized, and large businesses to keep an eye on their inventories at all times. Real‑time stocks can be called up at any time and error sources can be minimised. In particular, medium‑sized and large warehouses are often complex or connected to an online shop. This makes warehouse management software essential. Our reference customers include many medium‑sized enterprises and trading groups from a variety of industries. Are you looking for a digital solution for your warehouse management? Our team will gladly analyse your needs and compile a perfectly tailor‑made solution for you.

Which industries benefit from warehouse management software?

Every industry has its own requirements for warehouse management. We focus on your needs to offer a solution customised to you and your industry. The warehouse management system pL-Store® is our core element, offering a comprehensive software solution that can be deployed in any industry. We are your competent partner for many industries around wholesale, beverages, food, logistics service providers, or the manufacturing industry. We offer the two industry solutions pL‑Store® Foodline and pL‑Store® Techline, for the food industry and the technical areas, that were created through many years of cooperation with renowned companies. If your industry is not listed here, we will gladly adjust our know‑how to your needs as well upon your enquiry.

What characterises good warehouse management software?

Good warehouse management software offers a comprehensive software solution in order to process your intralogistics paperless, error‑free, and efficiently. For this, the software links all inventories, persons, and goods movements in your warehouse. The online‑posting warehouse management permits conversion of your complex logistics processes from incoming goods, to truck control and picking, to outgoing goods, into efficient processes. A good warehouse management system considerably facilitates work for warehouse staff and logistics employees, since all parties involved will know at all times which items can be found in which storage location at which time. A good warehouse management program has a variety of advantages: the WMS knows the storage capacities, warns the warehouse staff at excess or shortage of inventories, finds the best possible storage location for the items, and collects warehouse data for proactive logistics planning.

How can you find suitable warehouse management software for your company?

First, you need to define the challenges to be solved in your warehouse, the improvements desired and the processes to be built. We also need to know the budget available for implementation of your new software. We will gladly support you in all logistics challenges from the first idea to the implemented warehouse management solution to achieve our highest goal: efficient and transparent control of your warehouse activities. Our team will gladly advise you concerning the matching warehouse management software. Do not hesitate to contact us.

How well can warehouse management software be supplemented with modules?

The warehouse management software pL‑Store® already offers you many comprehensive functions around picking, truck control, and material flow control. Our warehouse management system kit also contains other modules in order to make your warehouse management efficient throughout. The supplementary modules include, for example, self‑learning truck control, material flow control, warehouse simulation, online shop integration, photo documentation, a reporting tool and much more. Please contact us if you are already using our warehouse management software and are looking to supplement your warehouse management. Our team will gladly advise you and find a solution for your needs!

On which hardware devices can warehouse management software be used?

Warehouse management software can be used virtually anywhere, no matter if on the desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or by mobile data recording by an MDE device. The warehouse offices and control centre usually deploy the desktop version, while industrial PCs and MDE devices in the form of hand-held terminals or barcode scanners are increasingly common in incoming goods, picking and outgoing goods.

Is it possible to test the warehouse management software by proLogistik?

Contact us and have our logistics experts advise you on what solution is best for your warehouse. Our team will gladly have a look at your warehouse, analyse your processes, and prepare an individual quotation for you. You can also watch the function of our warehouse management system live in the scope of a reference visit or warehouse tour during our industry days. We will gladly make an appointment with you for this, or keep you informed about planned events in future. We also exhibit at the popular logistics trade fairs, such as the LogiMAT in Stuttgart, every year. Visit our trade fair stand and let us introduce you to our intralogistics solutions. We look forward to talking to you!


Would you like to keep all your orders and warehouse movements in sight? We have just the right warehouse management solution for you. A warehouse management system by proLogistik will make sure that you always have the right quantity of goods, exactly where and when you need them. Let us help you accelerate your warehouse processes and ensure faster picking and delivery of your goods. Our flexible warehouse management software will take you to all the important functions with just a few clicks. Try it!


  • Multiple transports
  • Dynamic block position handling (capacity-controlled)
  • Picking of gastronomy and trade tours
  • Empties processing and tour provisions
  • Batch/expiration date/year and inventory administration
  • Autonomous warehouse administration without overlaid goods management system
  • Manual order recording and order handling
  • Client administration
  • Warehouse fee determination and customisation
  • Optional simple connection to WWS, ERP and control systems
  • Deep-freeze-capable soft- and hardware up to -30 °C
  • Time and path optimisation
  • Wireless data transmission techniques
  • Efficient tour management and personnel optimisation
  • Forklift control and transport optimisation
  • Serial number administration
  • Finished goods processing
  • Retroactive booking mechanisms
  • Batch and serial number tracking
  • Time- and demand-oriented material flow control to production
  • Online inventory management
  • Pick-by-Voice picking
  • Shipping processing
  • Returns management
  • Chaotic storage bin administration
  • Batch tracking and expiration date processing
  • Temperature recording according to HACCP
  • Weight control and NVE inclusion
  • WA-area management
  • Resource planning
  • Main-order trading /
  • Pick & Pack – online shop integration
  • Online inventory management
  • Order and item-related volume calculation
  • Returns management


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Food | Building materials | Technical wholesale | Sanitation, heating, air conditioning (SHAC) | Beverages | Service providers | Refrigeration | Industry | Textile | Wholesale | Retail | Mail order | E‑Commerce



Our warehouse management software is subject to comprehensive annual inspection and validation by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML), qualifying us anew as a listed provider in the IML's Online Warehouse Logistics Portal every year. Our warehouse management software pL‑Store® has received awards for its futuristic design. In 2018, it received a Red Dot Award in the category "Communication Design" and in 2019 the iF DESIGN AWARD.


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