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Plastics processing

proLogistik offers solutions for companies in the plastics processing industry that not only help them increase production efficiency and optimize logistical processes, but also help them manage complex recipes with by-products and cut.

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Warehouse management software pLG WMS Industry

Warehouse management for plastics processing

The smooth flow of products and information is essential for plastics companies – throughout their operations. From the receipt and storage of raw materials and components, through production and return transport to the finished goods warehouse, to shipping, everything here must be under control.

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LVS highlights for the plastics processing industry:

  • Serial number management
  • Finished goods processing
  • Retrograde booking mechanisms
  • Batch and serial number tracking
  • Quality testing and assurance
  • Reduction of downtime
  • Time and demand-based material flow control to production

Especially for …


Especially when working in plastics processing, there are special challenges that must always be kept in mind:

Complex formulations

The formulations required for plastics processing must be strictly adhered to. Even a slight change in the quantity of an ingredient can result in quality management problems.

Highest quality standards

Plastics, especially primary plastics, must meet the highest quality standards. Our warehouse management software is designed to ensure and document this process.

Compliance with plastic standards

Compliance with plastics standards, which play a major role in the testing and evaluation of a wide range of materials, enables plastics manufacturers and end users to examine and evaluate the material or product.


Batch tracing is also no problem with our LVS. It is able to uniquely identify logistical units and products with all required information such as batch number or batch attributes.

Our warehouse management system pLG-Store is able to easily cover all these functions, in combination with customer production or PDA systems. In addition, our LVS solution offers many other additional functions that have been specially developed for the plastics processing industry.

With the warehouse management software pLG WMS Industry you can:

  • Online inventory management
  • Less administrative work
  • Complete documentation
  • Automated processes
  • Quality assurance
  • Documentation requirement
  • Short ways
  • Faster throughput times
  • Optimized processes
  • Forward warehouse planning
  • Fewer shortages
  • Better warehouse utilization

Tested and found to be good

Our Warehouse Management System

As a constant quality control, we have our pLG WMS comprehensively tested and subsequently validated by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) every year. As a result, we certify ourselves annually as a provider in the Online Warehouse Logistics Portal of the IML.

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