What is order picking?

What is order picking?

Picking is a logistical process that mainly occurs in connection with the storage of goods. It describes the compilation of a scope of delivery from various individual items from the range in stock.

You can find out how order picking works below.

How does order picking work?

The order for picking is placed with the warehouse keeper by the depositor. This so-called picking order contains the desired composition and lists all the desired items. After receiving the order, the following steps are carried out:

  1. The order picker goes to the storage location of the first item
  2. The item is removed from the shelf and scanned
  3. The picker brings the item to the picking station
  4. Work steps 1-3 are repeated until all the required items have been collected
  5. The order picker combines all items on a pallet into one shipment, for example

In a fully automated warehouse, the process is similar, except that here the goods come to the man, for example via roller conveyors.

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