Warehouse optimization

Warehouse optimization: Increased efficiency in various areas?

Time is money, especially in warehouse management. The key maxim is to raise the storage volume, picking performance and the associated personnel deployment to an optimum level. This is precisely where warehouse optimization comes in, comprising various measures and rules on how these parameters can be made more efficient.

An overview of the schematic process of warehouse optimization:

  • ACTUAL analysis of all tasks and benchmarks, including goods transportation, empty runs, handling times and administrative matters
  • Quantification of the unit "time spent per task", "total time" and "frequency of a task"
  • Identification of unnecessary, duplicate or poorly implemented tasks
  • Analysis of the performance of all devices used and their areas of application
  • Evaluation of warehouse stock, e.g. through stock movements, storage bin assignments, etc.
  • Feedback from employees to identify training requirements

In short, the end result of warehouse optimization as a process is optimized workflows and structures that improve the quality of handling, eliminate sources of error and reduce costs.

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Logistik-Lexikon Lageroptimierung

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