Warehouse control station

What is the warehouse control station?

Warehouse management systems are used for storage in logistics. These collect and store all important data on the stored goods. The warehouse control station represents the central point of these systems.

The description of the warehouse control station already states what its task is: to provide the warehouse keeper and his employees with all the necessary information so that the smooth operation of the warehouse can be ensured.

What can the warehouse control station display?

Depending on the system and requirements of the warehouse, the overviews that can be found in the warehouse control center differ. However, the most common are:

  • Number and type of deliveries
  • Number and type of collections
  • Delivery Requirements
  • Storage and retrieval
  • Transfers
  • Storage tasks
  • Stock transfers

In addition, more specific information about the warehouse control station can also be displayed. This includes, for example, various warehouse key figures such as the turnover rate of various goods or the overview of warehouse utilization. In addition, the warehouse control station can also detect and directly display faults and malfunctions so that the measures to rectify them can be initiated quickly.


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