Unit of measure

What is a unit of measure?

In logistics, the unit of measure indicates the basic unit of an item with which it is managed in the central warehouse management system. The unit of measure can refer to the number as well as the volume or weight.

Units of measure are always expressed in countable and measurable quantities, for example:

  • The number of units
  • The number of liters
  • The length (in meters or centimeters, for example)
  • The weight (in kilograms or tons, for example)

What are units of measure used for in logistics?

Units of measure are required for both the transportation and storage of goods and raw materials. For example, they are an important indicator in the warehouse when picking goods in order to be able to compile a consignment exactly according to customer requirements.

However, units of measure are also important for stocktaking. This is because they can be used to measure and track stock levels so that warehouse keepers and customers always know exactly how much of a product is in the warehouse.


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