Transport order

What is a transport order?

Transport orders are created for logistical movements inside and outside the warehouse. This is an instruction from the customer to move a specific good from one place to another at a specified time. A transport order results in the conclusion of a contract between the carrier and the client.

A transport order can contain several items, each of which contains its own specific quantity of goods, merchandise or raw materials. Depending on where the goods come from and where they are delivered, a distinction is made between different order types:

  • TPE (storage)
  • TPV (packaging)
  • TPU (stock transfer)
  • TPA (outsourcing)

What information must a transport order contain?

In order for a transport order to be carried out properly, it must contain a number of important details. These include:

  • Sender and collection address
  • Recipient and receiving address
  • Gross weight of the shipment and the individual packaging units
  • Dimensions of the packaging units
  • If applicable. Collection and delivery times

In addition, it must be noted on a transport order if the goods to be transported are dangerous goods.

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