Transport control system

What are transportation guidance systems?

Transport control systems are used in logistics to optimize the deployment of the means of transport. The aim is to make optimum use of resources and utilization of all means of transport and vehicles. These systems can be used, for example, for

  • Industrial trucks (such as forklift trucks)
  • Other operating devices in the warehouse

In warehouses, transport guidance systems are generally only used for transporting entire load units such as fully packed pallets.

What advantages does a transport guidance system offer?

The TLS offer some decisive advantages in their use. This means that throughput times can be reduced by optimizing transport routes. Empty runs can also be reduced. In the best case scenario, the number of means of transportation used can be reduced, which can save costs.

Transportation guidance systems assign specific routes and points to the means of transport. In addition, one or more loading devices are assigned to each means of transport used. This is done on the basis of the route length to be traveled and the nature of the goods.

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