Touch computer

Touch computer: Simple handling of all important logistics processes

Touch computers were developed to work cleanly and quickly even in harsh industrial environments. They have a touchscreen with which machines, systems etc. can be easily controlled. Only robust materials are used to ensure functionality even under adverse conditions.

A touch computer is designed so that even the housing meets the requirements of the application. Depending on the industry, protection against extreme temperatures, shocks, vibrations, moisture or dust is important.

Important: The performance capacity of all components installed in the touch computer is designed for industrial applications. This is reflected in various interfaces, innovative cooling systems and a customized design.

Advantages of using a touch computer

  • Comprehensive protection against external influences (dust, dirt, vibration, moisture, extreme temperatures)
  • High power density thanks to application-specific hardware and software
  • Easy to use thanks to the use of a touchscreen
  • High compatibility with other peripheral devices


Logistik Lexikon Touch Computer

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