Supply Chain Execution

What is Supply Chain Execution?

Supply chain execution attempts to monitor and optimize all existing parts of the supply chain. The greatest focus here is on saving costs. But process optimization to save time, for example, also plays a role.

Supply chain execution encompasses a large number of different logistics areas and processes:

  • Intralogistics: Here, digitalization and networking among suppliers play a particularly important role.
  • Transport: The aim here is to achieve optimum loading, travel distances and times, and to minimize waiting times and costs.
  • Track-and-trace: Tracking parts and products in real time using sophisticated SAP solutions benefits customers in particular.

What are the benefits of supply chain execution?

A successfully executed supply chain execution has many benefits. Thanks to time reliability and shipment tracking, it is above all the company's own customers who benefit. But significant costs can also be saved and work processes streamlined.


Logistik Lexikon Supply Chain Execution

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