Storage locations

What is a storage location?

In logistics, the storage location describes the area where goods and raw materials are stored. This defined location can consist of different individual storage bins, which are all provided with an individual storage bin coordinate.

What does the storage location matter?

Three factors play a decisive role in the use of a storage location:

  • Technical requirements
  • Operational optimization
  • Legal and safety requirements

Each stored good has certain technical requirements for its storage location. In shelving, for example, the permissible compartment loads must be observed. In addition, however, a rack must also be loaded evenly, especially in a dynamic storage system.

For operational optimization, the storage location also plays a role. Thus, efforts should always be made to minimize transport distances in the warehouse. Frequently served goods should therefore be located near the transshipment point. In addition, the storage capacity should be optimal and maximally utilized.

Legal and safety requirements may, for example, prevent certain goods from being stored together.


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