Small parts warehouse

What is a small parts warehouse?

Goods with a small size and low weight are stored in so-called small parts warehouses. Two problems arise from this type of stored goods:

  • There are usually a large number of different items
  • The articles are frequently turned over

A special small parts warehouse is designed to deal with these problems.

What types of small parts warehouse are there?

There are various ways to set up a small parts warehouse. The best solution is a single-story warehouse. Here, the articles are stored on single-level shelves and handled manually by the employees. These shelving systems can also be built on several levels, which in turn requires the use of mechanical equipment to handle the goods.

At the other end of the small parts warehouse spectrum are the fully automated warehouses. They can make optimum use of the available storage volume and also require hardly any manual effort from employees. However, technical problems with the racking technology can quickly paralyze the entire warehouse. The investment costs are also very high.


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