Slide-in shelf

The slide-in shelves in logistics

Different racking systems are used for the storage of goods. One of them represents the slide-in shelf. This dynamic racking system is designed exclusively for the storage of pallets.

For storage, a pallet is pushed into the rack from one side. This has a slight incline. If the pallet is taken out again in this way, the rear pallets slide in after it. Accordingly, this type of storage and retrieval can only be carried out according to the LiFo principle.

If the import racks are long and deep, a lot of force is needed to insert new pallets. So the bigger the racks are, the stronger the forklifts in the warehouse have to be.

Advantages and disadvantages of slide-in shelves

Like all different types of shelving, slide-in shelving has both advantages and disadvantages.


  • Optimal use of space and volume
  • Storage and retrieval are space-saving
  • Optimal use of pallet storage spaces


  • High investment costs
  • FiFo principle cannot be implemented
  • Pallets can get stuck and clog the shelf


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