The sink : The final basic structure of logistics

The sink forms the final point of the basic structure in the logistics system. It is the receiving point for goods and merchandise to be transported.

The logistics system is designed to change goods in terms of space, time and quantity. A wide range of logistics processes are used to achieve this. This includes, for example, the transportation of goods, but also storage and order picking.

Goods begin their change in the logistics system at the source, the delivery point. This can be a raw material producer or a small parts manufacturer, for example. The goods or raw materials then finally reach a sink such as production through different connection structures. But it can also be, for example:

  • An end consumer
  • A recycling or disposal site
  • A long-term storage location

The sink in single-stage and multi-stage logistics systems

In a single-stage logistics system, goods travel in a direct flow from the source to the sink. This is usually done by a single transport.

In a multi-level system, there is an indirect flow with several nodes and interfaces. Here, goods only reach the sink after several transshipments and transports.

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