Shipping unit number (NVE)

What is meant by the shipping unit number (SSU)?

The shipping unit number, or NVE for short, is a unique number used to identify a shipping unit such as containers, cartons or pallets. The code is internationally called SSCC-18 (Serial Shipping Container Code).

What is the structure of a shipping unit number (SSU)?

The number has a total of 18 numeric characters and is often encoded with an EAN-128 barcode. It can be read by means of a scanner.
The 18 digits of the NVE are used as follows:

  • 1st digit = reserve digit, which can be chosen by the company itself
  • 2.-8. Digit = GS1 base number of the company, which can also be a total of 8 or 9 digits long
  • 9.-17. Digit = Consecutive number of the NVE
  • 18th digit = check digit calculated from the preceding digits.

What are the advantages of the shipping unit number (SSU)?

  • Seamless shipment handover and tracking
  • Clearly identifiable at all levels of the supply chain
  • Prerequisite for track and trace processes
  • Machine processing enables integration into EDI processes



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What is meant by shipping unit number?


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