What is segmentation in logistics?

Different consumer needs lead to variations in consumer behavior and a wide range of products and services. Based on this knowledge, a segmentation of each market can be made, including the logistics market.

Segmentation enables producers and service providers to address customer needs in a more targeted manner.

What challenges does segmentation pose for logistics?

There is a particular challenge in segmenting the logistics sector. As primary service providers, logistics companies are not only in competition with each other, but also with providers of secondary services. This means that many companies carry out their own logistics and do not use external services.

These other challenges complicate service creation in logistics:

  • The immateriality of the service itself
  • Customer involvement in the logistics process
  • Great competition

However, the direct contact of logistics companies with their customers also results in the possibility of reliably obtaining relevant market information. Through them, the range of services can then be adjusted.


Logistik Lexikon Segmentierung

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