Rotary stacking container

Robust when loaded - space-saving when empty: The rotary stacking container

Rotating stacking bins, also called space-saving bins, are nestable loading equipment characterized by their special shape. Their bottom usually has smaller dimensions than the top edges. When empty, these containers can thus be inserted into each other. This saves an enormous amount of space and makes them a very popular means of transport.

In contrast to other nestable containers, the rotary stacking container has another advantage: it does not have to have a lid in order to be loaded with other identical containers. For this purpose, the upper inner edge of these loading devices is specially shaped, which provides a firm and torsion-resistant stand for containers resting on top. When loaded, this creates very stable stacking structures that cannot twist. When they are empty, they only need to be rotated 180 degrees once to fit into the lowest rotating stacking bin.

The advantages of the rotary stacking containers at a glance

  • Space saving when empty
  • Safe and torsionally rigid stacking
  • Gentle storage

This makes these containers ideal for picking and as empties.

Last but not least: However, the special form of such nestable loading means also has a disadvantage. Since the sides of the rotary stack bins are not straight, there is only a reduced loading volume. This reduces the operational capability.


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