Reach truck

The reach truck in intralogistics

Reach trucks are industrial trucks used in logistics, which have their own engine. They are mostly used only in warehouse buildings, where they are also ideally suited for operating high racks. This is where they can best implement some of their strengths:

  • Operation of high storage bins
  • Operation of the rack in compact warehouse structures (narrow aisles)
  • Very mobile for its size

How are reach trucks constructed?

Also called reach trucks, these industrial trucks are optimally equipped and designed for vertical storage of goods. They have a push mast in the longitudinal direction, which is equipped with forks. Either the forks or the mast itself can be tilted.

Due to its structure, pallets stored on the floor can be lifted directly. High-stored goods must first be raised 30-35 centimeters, which will allow the inclination of the forks or the mast.

Since the center of gravity of the truck is between the wheels, there is very little risk of tipping. In addition, it is wider than a pallet, which does not allow overhanging pallets.


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