Production warehouse

What is a production warehouse?

A production warehouse fulfills many important roles for a manufacturing company and supports it in the production process. There are three different types of production warehouse:

  • The upstream production warehouse
  • The interim production warehouse
  • The downstream production warehouse

What are the tasks of the various production warehouses?

All raw materials used for production are stored in the upstream production warehouse. This type of warehouse is often not located directly at the production site. Keeping warehouse costs low is more important than proximity to the production site.

Intermediate stages of production and semi-finished products are stored in the intermediate production warehouse. The goods stored here usually have a high turnover rate, as they are quickly used again for production. Therefore, quick access to the goods must be made possible here.

The finished products are stored in the downstream production warehouse. As there is no longer any particular time pressure, the focus here is on storage capacity. Like the upstream production warehouse, the downstream warehouse is often further away from the production site.

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