Production logistics

What does production logistics stand for?

Between procurement and distribution - production logistics

Production logistics is the logistical phase between procurement, i.e. the purchase and distribution of manufactured goods. Their task is to ensure an uninterrupted flow of materials and raw materials for their own production. Important here are the

  • correct quantity,
  • in the right quality,
  • at the right time.

At the same time, both costs and tied-up capital should be kept as low as possible. To achieve this, a low storage capacity and a high handling capacity are aimed for, so that stocks can be kept low. This is also the biggest challenge in production logistics.

What tasks does production logistics involve?

Production logistics encompasses all of the following logistical areas relating to production:

  • The right choice of location for production
  • Planning, control and implementation of transportation and storage
  • Planning your own stock levels to compensate for seasonal fluctuations
  • Determining requirements for production
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