Production control

What is production control?

Production control identifies and triggers all actions that need to be executed for smooth production. It is therefore the direct link to production planning and its designed provisions. In the overall system of production planning and control, it forms the final stage.

Production control is also the transition to the material phase of production, from the immaterial. Here, key figures prevail such as:

  • The production output
  • The Forecast
  • The delivery reliability

In order for production control to run smoothly, all logistical processes must also run smoothly. Incorrect deliveries or delays in delivery can have a negative impact on production.

What are the tasks of production control?

Production control has the following tasks, among others:

  • Setting the production orders
  • Structuring of the production orders
  • Processing from the fine scheduling
  • Monitoring of the production process
  • Recognition and elimination of malfunctions and problems

The goal of production control is to be able to serve all customer orders and ensure the productivity of the company.


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