Picking computer

What is a picking computer?

Support in the warehouse: the picking computer

In logistics, which deals with the storage of goods, the compilation of several individual parts is referred to as "order picking". Deliveries are combined according to orders and prepared for dispatch. As warehouses are usually very large and contain countless different items, order pickers need the help of an order picking computer in their work.

Such computers usually come in the form of mobile devices such as tablets or special industrial computers. These are in constant contact with the warehouse management software used so that the picker can query the storage locations of all items anytime and anywhere.

This is only possible with a picking computer

Modern order picking often also makes use of modern picking methods. These are usually computerized and therefore require a picking computer. These methods include:

Picking using the pick-by-paper method can, but does not have to, involve the use of a picking computer.

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