Permanent inventory

What is the perpetual inventory?

A permanent inventory in logistics is one of the simplified inventory procedures and therefore has many advantages. This is also referred to as continuous or perpetual inventory. This type of stocktaking enables both the warehouse keeper and the warehouse staff to maintain a constant overview of the stored goods.

However, some requirements must be met for the permanent inventory:

  • Obligation to keep a stock ledger
  • Data in the stock ledger must always be up to date
  • Each entry and exit must be listed individually
  • All receipts must be kept

How does a permanent inventory work?

Before a permanent inventory is even possible, the exact inventory of a warehouse must first be determined. This is usually done by counting, weighing and measuring all stored goods. This first inventory is then the start date for the permanent inventory. From this point onwards, every single receipt and issue of goods from the warehouse must be documented.

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