PC panel with touch display

Special form of industrial PC: PC panel with touch display

The PC panel is designed in such a way that the display, input as well as processor unit are compactly located in one housing. This type of industrial PC is designed for complex or particularly sensitive work environments. Typical areas of application for a PC panel with touch display are in machine control, production engineering and order picking.

The following features characterize a PC panel with touch display:

  • Significantly reduced cable content
  • Reduced space requirement
  • Simplified handling through intuitive control via the touch display
  • Depending on the intended use: dust-tight, water-tight (according to IP protection class)
  • Various interfaces required specifically for the application (LTE, industrial BUS, USB, etc.)

Advantages of using a PC panel with touch display

All components of a PC panel meet the requirements of the respective industry. In working environments with special hygiene requirements, for example, stainless steel housings are used. Other specifications can be individually defined in terms of operating temperature, interfaces, protection class, operating system or mounting (control cabinet, swivel arm, recessed mounting).

A PC panel with touch display thus facilitates machine control even under adverse operating conditions.


Logistik Lexikon PC Panel mit Touch Display

Image: gwycech / Shutterstock

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