What is outsourcing in logistics?

If a customer has stored goods in a warehouse, these are usually retrieved by means of a stock removal order. This usually follows an order from a customer or to keep the company's own production running. During stock removal, the exact quantity of a desired item is then retrieved from the warehouse and made ready for dispatch.

What do I need to bear in mind when outsourcing?

There are a few important things to consider when removing goods from storage, as this is usually the last step before the goods are handed over to the customer or their buyers. If, for example, the wrong goods are inadvertently removed from storage, this affects customer satisfaction. To prevent this from happening, the following points should be observed:

  • Are the right goods being outsourced? Checking the packages using markings such as the article numbers
  • Are there any damages to the removed goods? Checking the packaging for visible damage
  • Are the right number of goods being removed from storage? Counting the packages or weighing the entire packing unit (for one item)


Image: gwycech / Shutterstock

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