Order type

What types of order are there?

Orders can be classified into different order types. These then describe the desired process of processing a product. Order types can be divided into initial orders and repeat orders, which are normally triggered by a service or order.

There are many different types of orders, especially in logistics and forwarding:

  • The forwarding order: A forwarding order usually involves the use of forwarding transportation. This can take place by land, sea or air.
  • The warehouse order: A warehouse order involves the storage and retrieval of certain goods and materials. There are many different types of warehouse, such as cold storage or high-bay warehouses.
  • The picking order: Picking usually goes hand in hand with storage. Here, stored goods are combined into a desired packaging unit (container). The number and type of these goods, as well as the type of packaging, are specified in the picking order.

However, orders can also be classified according to criteria other than the type of order. For example, orders could be prioritized according to urgency or differentiated according to the type of work commissioned.


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