Order management

What is order management?

If a customer makes use of a logistics service, an order is placed. This order must be controlled in some way. This initiative control takes over the order management with the aim of carrying out the service exactly according to the customer's wishes and within the specified time frame.

Which tasks fall under order management?

In logistics companies, the heads of department or the clerks themselves are usually responsible for order management. There are different tasks that need to be carried out and things that need to be taken into account. These include:

  • Acceptance of an order
  • Prioritization of all existing orders (according to urgency or importance)
  • Instructing employees about the tasks at hand
  • Documentation of order processing
  • Execution of the order

If, for example, a warehouse order is placed, the warehouse manager takes over the order management. He accepts the order and informs his employees about the upcoming tasks. During processing, he carries out quality checks to ensure customer satisfaction.


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