Order items

What is an order item in logistics?

If a customer submits the order for a pick, it contains several, different items. The order item defines exactly the number of items to be picked in the order.

Each order item can contain several items for picking. These items specify the number of a particular item to be included. However, a pick item can only ever contain one supply unit (one item).

The order item: an example

A customer submits a picking order to the warehouse where his goods are ready for sale. Three items are to be packed on one pallet:

  • Order item 1: 500 pieces
  • Picking position 1: Article A 150 pieces
  • Picking position 2: Article B 100 pieces
  • Picking position 3: Article C 250 pieces

So, in the warehouse, 150 pieces of item A, 100 pieces of item B and 250 pieces of item C are packed together on a pallet. Thus, the 500 pieces of order item 1 were picked together.


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