Operator terminals with touch

Operator terminals with touch in logistics

Operator terminals with touch are mainly found in warehouse logistics. Here they are attached to shelves, where they can display a variety of information and also perform functions. Depending on the area of application, these terminals can be individually programmed and loaded with programs. Mostly via WLAN, these are connected to the central warehouse management system.

What requirements must operator terminals with touch meet?

In logistics, higher demands are often placed on the equipment used than elsewhere. This is because large and heavy goods are often moved during transport and storage. Therefore, the devices used, as well as the operator terminals with touch, must be resistant, as well as enable the user to operate them easily. They achieve this by:

  • resistant surfaces
  • dust and water permeable housing
  • Specially installed components that can withstand both low and high temperatures

These features make operator terminals with touch reliable work tools for industry and production as well.


Logistik-Lexikon Bedienterminals mit Touch

Image: gwycech / Shutterstock

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