Multitouch in logistics

What is multitouch?

For intuitive machine control: multi-touch operating concepts

Functional technology is needed to make the right decisions in machine and system control depending on the situation. A multi-touch display enables users to work ergonomically and control tasks safely even in adverse environments. Multi-touch operating concepts are often found in logistics terminals that are specially designed for working in complex environments (dust, water, vibrations, heat, cold).

Such industrial PC systems are based on various processes, which we describe below:

Resistive touch

The standard version for touch displays (not multi-touch capable): Two transparent films are printed over the display, creating a touch point.

Projected capacitive touchscreen (PCAP)

Conductive objects that touch the display to control the touchscreen are detected using capacitive coupling. This allows up to ten points of contact to be implemented.

Infrared light curtain

Special infrared light barriers are interrupted as soon as the multi-touch display is touched. This means that up to two points of contact can be implemented.

Diffused illumination

The display surface is permanently monitored by a camera, which allows any number of touch points. However, the system is sensitive to daylight.


Logistik-Lexikon Multitouch

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