Modernize warehouse

Modernizing warehouses: Adapting to changing conditions

Due to the increasing diversity of customer interests, there are often several specifications for a product. The warehousing required for this is complex and subject to constantly changing conditions. When a warehouse is modernized, structures are put to the test in order to ensure future throughput volumes and guarantee the warehouse's efficiency.

Aspects affected by warehouse modernization:

  • Intralogistics structures and processes
  • System components, including control and conveyor technology
  • Warehouse management system

Goals of warehouse modernization

The storage cost rate is used to calculate internally how storage costs relate to capacity and storage requirements, among other things. Basically, warehouse modernization involves adapting the warehouse infrastructure to changed capacities, storage modules and the like. Depending on the focus, different objectives are pursued:

  • Increase in the storage capacity utilization rate
  • Reduction of the storage cost rate
  • Reduction of downtimes
  • Increased capacities for a growing product range and increased product diversity
  • Optimization of the use of storage technology
  • Reduction of downtimes (mainly due to inefficient processes, outdated technology, etc.)

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Logistik-Lexikon Lager-Modernisierung

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