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The mobile label printer: the basis for optimum labeling of warehouse objects?

Key components of warehouse management are based on the transparent and targeted handling of goods and merchandise. Labeling is necessary to clearly separate each individual part from others and to make them identifiable in the first place. The label acts as an information carrier on which the details required for proper order picking, for example, are optionally available.

A mobile label printer is needed to perform this task directly in the warehouse or in administration.

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Design and function of a mobile label printer

In order to make goods and merchandise clearly manageable, a standardized format is needed on which relevant information can be stored in a readable form. In warehouses as well as in incoming and outgoing goods inspection, barcodes are mainly used here, which are attached to the product itself or the storage basket as transported goods. The mobile label printer is characterized by the fact that labelling is possible directly on the warehouse shelf or when handling the goods themselves.

The special feature: Mobile label printers are connected to MDEs or tablets via Bluetooth or WLAN so that the central database is automatically synchronized. This enables the back office to track labeling in real time.

The functionality of a mobile label printer differs depending on the application. Typically, a distinction can be made between direct thermal printers and thermal transfer printers. We have outlined below how these differ from one another:

Mobile label printer as a direct thermal printer

The direct thermal printing process is considered a "classic" in thermal printing, as it is characterized by low costs and sufficient quality for many areas. Printing is done on thermally sensitive paper, so-called thermo-sensitive paper. The most common areas of application for these thermal labels, printed using a mobile label printer, include shipping packages, till receipts, parking tickets or travel tickets. The service life of the print is limited as it is only slightly UV-resistant.

However, high printing speeds, ease of use and special paper as the only consumable make this cost-effective process suitable for a wide range of tasks.

Mobile label printer as a thermal transfer printer

Labels that are produced by means of partial heat generation can be traced back to the so-called thermal transfer printing process. Special dots, which form the print head, enable clean color reproduction on the respective label material. A mobile label printer based on the thermal transfer process is ideal for barcodes, serial numbers and more.

A particularly high contrast ensures a very high scanning rate, so that processes are accelerated and optimized. The printing process also results in a long service life, so that food, individual and spare parts, products or shipping labels can be produced reliably. High edge definition ensures that barcodes, for example, can be deciphered clearly at all times.

A mobile label printer offers these advantages

As the throughput rate for mobile label printers is regularly high, a robust design is particularly important here. The proScan range, the specialist area for everything to do with labels at proLogistik, also includes versatile label printers.

However, we would like to show you the basic advantages of a mobile label printer to give you a better understanding:

  • Can be used in a wide range of applications, including in the manufacturing industry or in deep-freeze areas (down to -30°C, designed as a stainless steel printer housing)
  • Robust design that protects against vibrations and the effects of liquids, among other things
  • Label rolls of different formats and materials can be processed
  • Sufficiently dimensioned RAM and processors ensure trouble-free use of mobile label printers
  • Intuitive touchscreen displays ensure operability even in confined spaces

Whether for retail, warehouse management in e-commerce or industry - a mobile label printer enables labeling regardless of location. You can find more information in the proLogistik logistics lexicon, and you are also welcome to take a look at our proScan range!


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