Mobile computer

Mobile computers: The basis for mobile data acquisition

Mobile computers (also known as mobile computers) are essential for making rapid progress in order picking. In the form of mobile data terminals (MDE), they are used to enable real-time communication between the warehouse management system and the order picker.

Depending on the design, mobile computers are used as handheld terminals or integrated into means of transportation such as a forklift truck. They are used to compare items and are designed to be user-friendly. Mobile computers typically have a touchscreen display, a keyboard or a barcode scanner.

Advantages of using mobile computers

  • Communication without delay (real-time data exchange)
  • Reduction of operating errors in order picking
  • Greater flexibility thanks to the elimination of classic picking lists
  • Robust design = protection against wear and malfunctions even in adverse working environments
  • Easy integration into company IT infrastructure
  • High adaptability thanks to modular design


Logistik-Lexikon Mobile Computer

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