Mobile computer

Mobile computers: The basis for mobile data acquisition

Mobile computers (also: mobile computers) are indispensable for making rapid progress within the scope of order picking. In the form of mobile data terminals (MDE), they are used to enable real-time communication between the warehouse management system and the order picker.

Depending on the concept, mobile computers are handheld terminals or integrated into transport equipment such as a forklift. They are used for item matching and are designed to be user-friendly. Typically, mobile computers have a touchscreen display, keyboard or barcode scanner.

Advantages of using mobile computers

  • Communication without delay (real-time data exchange)
  • Reduction of operator errors in order picking
  • Greater flexibility due to elimination of classic picking lists
  • Robust design = protection against wear and malfunctions even in adverse working environments
  • Easy integration into operational IT infrastructure
  • High adaptability due to modular design


Logistik-Lexikon Mobile Computer

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