MES terminal

What is and can an MES terminal do?

If large and complex machines are used in production processes, they usually have an MES terminal. This device forms the communication unit of the machine and enables the entire data exchange. The machine operating personnel can retrieve all collected and required data via the MES terminals. Communication with the machine is also possible, for example to stop production or give new commands.

The data acquisition system underlying the MES terminal is the Manufacturing Execution System (MES for short). This can provide real-time steering, guidance and control of the machine, but can also capture operational and personnel data.

Advantages of MES terminals

In this regard, MES terminals have several advantages over other comparable data collection devices. Due to their special areas of application, they have to withstand all kinds of external influences:

  • Dirt
  • Dust
  • Mechanical influences (such as shocks or impacts)
  • Moisture in the form of splash water
  • Unusual heat and cold
  • Vibrations of the machine

The MES terminals mostly come in the form of large and stable touch screens.


Logistik-Lexikon MSE Terminal

Image: gwycech / Shutterstock

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