MDE terminal

MDE terminals for mobile data collection

MDE is the collection of data that does not take place at fixed stations - i.e. mobile. The MDE terminal is the portable recording device with which the desired data is collected with the help of a pen, a scanner or a keyboard.

MDE terminals can be connected to the central DP system in different ways. Originally, mainly radio, infrared links or even acoustic couplers were used. Nowadays, mobile data collection devices are mostly connected via WLAN.

MDE terminals are used in various areas and in a wide variety of ways. However, most often they are used here:

  • In the warehouse management
  • For stock displays
  • As proof of delivery
  • For filling shelves

They often take the form of scanners, which can then be used to identify barcodes attached to shipments or goods. Therefore, MDE terminals are also frequently used in logistics for interface control in large distribution warehouses and during groupage traffic.


Logistik-Lexikon MDE-Terminal

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