MDE devices

What is a MDE device?

MDE devices are used in logistics for mobile data acquisition and analysis. In terms of functionality, MDE devices serve almost the same purpose as tablets or mobile phones in private use. New data can be entered into it and existing data retrieved by touch or a stylus reader.

Devices for mobile data acquisition are connected to the central DP system either via infrared, radio or with an acoustic coupler. This means that the stored data can be accessed in real time at any time and from anywhere. Data transmission is also possible via WLAN or the mobile radio data network.

Where are MDE devices used?

In logistics, MDE devices are mainly used in the warehouse. Here they are used to record and also display current data on the stored goods. Some models also have an integrated scanner, which allows them to be used for picking work. But you will also find applications in other business processes as a result:


Logistik-Lexikon MDE Gerät

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