Material flow computer

What is a material flow computer?

Material flow computers are used in warehouse logistics to control data flows in automated racking systems. This type of software is also called a data concentrator.

A material flow computer is able to control a wide variety of automated components and devices. They also play a major role in detecting, analyzing and rectifying faults. Extensive diagnostic functions help here.

What does a material flow computer control?

A material flow computer can take over the control of many components up to very complex production systems. In an automated small parts warehouse, for example, it takes over the control of and communication between:

  • Conveyor technology (such as pallets or goods containers)
  • Storage and retrieval machines (such as automated retrieval machines)
  • Sorting machines (for sorting goods)
  • Transfer carts (which transport goods/pallets in the warehouse)

To support the warehouse operator, the material flow computer can also communicate with a higher-level merchandise management system. For example, it can pass on changes in stock levels to this system or trigger an order when a reorder point is reached.


Logistik-Lexikon Materialflussrechner

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