What is a matchcode?

In order to find data records more quickly, they are provided with matchcodes. These search keys then help to locate the respective stock items.

A matchcode can be assigned to all possible types of data records. These include, for example:

  • Article master data
  • Address data
  • Contact details

Once a data record has been assigned a matchcode, it can be found quickly by entering it in selection lists. In a browser, for example, the data record is quickly identified with its matchcode in the data record selection area.

How are matchcodes used in logistics?

Matchcodes are mainly used in warehouse logistics. Here you are assigned to the various data records of the warehouse management software. For example, information on the item masters of all items in the warehouse can be called up quickly.


If a type of glass vase stored in the warehouse is provided with the matchcode "Glass", all properties of this article are called up immediately after entry.

However, the matchcodes should always describe the data record accurately and sufficiently.


Logistik-Lexikon Matchcode

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