Master data and transaction data

What is the difference between master data and transaction data?

What is master data?

The statistical master data does not change over long periods of time. They contain information such as:

  • Article descriptions
  • Information about loading aids
  • Value of goods
  • Employees
  • Inventory
  • Customers

Item master data is particularly important in logistics, as it contains information that is required for most warehouse functions.

What is transaction data?

Movement data can be used to create an image of transportation and storage situations over time. This data includes, for example

  • Warehouse mirror
  • Current stock
  • Closed and open orders
  • Number of pallets in incoming or outgoing goods
  • Invoices

In order to be able to make reliable decisions, as much current movement data as possible should be collected.

What is the difference between master data and transaction data?

The transaction data changes continuously, whereas the master data (almost) always remains constant. The transaction data is based on the master data. Master data is therefore always stored long-term. Transaction data, on the other hand, only has limited temporal relevance, which is why it is not held for the long term.

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