Logistics planning

What is logistics planning?

Professional logistics planning ensures the required quality and efficiency in the processes along the entire logistics value chain. Smooth logistics planning is becoming increasingly important for many companies, hospitals, construction sites and the automotive industry.

A distinction can be made between three types of logistics planning:

  • Strategic planning
  • Operational planning
  • Tactical planning

The main task of logistics planning is to prepare and ensure the current and future competitiveness of a company's corporate logistics. Logistics planning is also aimed at developing logistics strategies that are necessary to implement the overall corporate strategy or business strategy. If one follows a general planning hierarchy, the individual planning activities in logistics planning are in a relationship of superiority and subordination to one another.

Important tasks in logistics planning:

  • Forecasting logistics costs
  • Planning logistics processes and the flow of materials
  • Logistics and production-oriented product control
  • Material and financial investment planning

The high demand for planning in logistics requires mathematical planning calculations that deal with logistical problems. Planning models are available for route planning or the optimum batch or order quantity.

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What is logistics planning?


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