Logistics 4.0 Digitalization

Logistics 4.0: networking is the basis for digitalization

Highly efficient systems are required due to the constantly increasing volumes of data underlying logistics processes. In this context, Logistics 4.0 means the complete networking of systems and facilities - both internally and along the entire value chain.

Goals of digitalization in Logistics 4.0:

  • Holistic networking to better satisfy customer needs
  • Optimization of warehouse processes to reduce costs
  • Reduction of error sources across systems and media
  • Greater flexibility with regard to warehouse management
  • Greater interaction with suppliers or customers

Important: Depending on the concept, logistics performance is achieved by means of ERP, warehouse management or supply chain execution systems (SES). They create transparency, bundle information centrally and enable more holistic management. Logistics 4.0 must therefore be viewed differently in terms of scope and degree of integration, but fundamentally affects all areas of logistics.


Logistik-Lexikon Logistik 4.0 Digitalisierung

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