Logistic unit

What is a logistical unit?

In order to be able to transport goods on a larger scale using mechanical or automatic means of transport, they are grouped together into logistical units. This can lead to an increase in efficiency along the entire logistics chain.

When combining goods into such units, as little effort as possible should be expended. In addition, the end result should remain as long as possible without being split into the individual subsets, preferably throughout the entire logistics chain.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of logistic units?

Creating logistic units has several advantages:

  • Simpler automation
  • Increased handling capacity
  • Units can be stacked = less storage space is needed
  • Reduced logistics and material flow costs

Although the costs for storage, transport and the general flow of materials are reduced, there are also increased investment costs. For example, loading equipment such as pallets must be purchased, which are needed to create the logistical unit. These loading aids also generate costs when they are returned.


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