Load unit securing

What are load unit locks in logistics?

Load unit securing devices are used in logistics to prepare goods and raw materials for safe transportation and operational loading. These protect both the transporting vehicles and the load itself. The correct selection of a loading aid and the design of the entire load unit is the first step in securing the load unit.

In addition, various securing devices can be used to secure the LE. You can find out which ones are available below.

What types of load unit securing devices are there?

The type of load unit protectors used depends on the respective load unit and the goods to be transported. These types of securing are usually used to secure loaded pallets:

  • Strapping: The entire load unit (pallet) is strapped and tightened with plastic or metal straps.
  • Shrinking: The load unit is covered with a plastic tube, which contracts after heat treatment and wraps tightly around the load.
  • Stretching: The load unit is wrapped in plastic film.


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