What is LFS MFC?

The LFS MFC stands for "Warehouse Management System Material Flow Controller" and is a material flow computer. This is mainly used in logistic storage.

Due to the steadily increasing automation in warehouses and handling centers, such intelligent management and control systems are becoming more and more important. They control and monitor storage units and conveyor systems. They analyze workflows to optimize logistics processes.

What are the advantages of LFS MFC?

An LFS MFC enables a flexible and safe material flow, which brings many advantages. These include:

  • Connection of conveyor technologies (independent of the manufacturer)
  • Integration with warehouse management software possible
  • Independent control and monitoring of material handling equipment
  • Processing of picking orders possible

The ability to combine trades from different manufacturers and control them via the material flow controller opens many doors. And this is not limited to a single bearing. LFS MFCs also function across sites and can coordinate and measure the flow of materials between multiple warehouses.


Logistik-Lexikon LFS MFC

Image: gwycech / Shutterstock

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