Levels in logistics

Multi-level storage - what does that mean?

In order to make optimum use of the available space in a warehouse, a wide variety of different types of shelving are often used. These make it possible to store goods and merchandise at height. To make this possible, these shelves require several levels. These are also called rows of the shelf and include all storage locations at the same shelf height.

How are the levels of logistics identified?

Each individual level in the warehouse has its own number. These numbers of the different lines are assigned from bottom to top. The lowest level, which is usually on the floor, is therefore generally assigned the number 1:

  • In most warehouse management systems, the numbers of the different levels cannot have more than two digits - so the highest level per shelf will have the number 99.
  • The layers are usually not given the numbers 1, 2 to about 30. Instead, the first layer is given the number 20 and the second the number 40, for example, so that further layers can be added between them at a later stage without any problems.


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